• Opolska 8, Masów, 46-024 Łubniany, Poland.


Spinnea is a growing international company providing the range of safety lighting products, services and solutions. We are a young company, with a rich history and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With short communication lines and a clear working method, we are the ideal partner for all your technical issues.

We offer stable and reliable products for the lighting industry and highway obstruction. But we are also open to cooperation with customers in need of dedicated individuals for their solutions, and we have to do so facilities and potential.

The focus of SPINNEA business is to keep lighting for safety with innovative products and services in order to support the growing mobility needs of society. Our mission is to help our customers increase safety with high quality and environmentally friendly solutions while providing a well balanced cost. .



Humble Beginnings

Spinnea Ltd. launched on December of 2012 with huge success in Poland. It was due to the very first batch delivered across the country that our company quickly elaborated stable growth and expansion potential.

Abroad Expansion

In the beginning of the 2013 we acquired abroad Ceritifcations and Accreditations which led up to first abroad delivery – on the July of 2013 – for our client in Greece. Few months our company earned a contract with client from Romania. We have closed the year 2013 with the biggest contract so far – a modernisation of traffic control system across one of the provincional cities in Poland.

Technological Development

Next two years our comapny had spent on improving our technological solutions, launching new facilities and labolatory. It was the time when we expanded our offer with the Slim version of our top selling traffic system.

World Wide Coverage

In 2016 our company became a main contractor on the British market for Coeval Company. We have expanded on neighbouring Countries like Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our mission is to deliver top quality traffic light solutions wherever there is a need for high quality products in considerable price.

Part of Cross Holding

In 2020 the majority stake of Spinnea was acquired by Cross Holding, a Czech group of ITS companies.